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About the company

Firma "DREW-PROD" (CO.) Szypula Karol and Jacek


The beginnings of the company go back to 1989 when the current owner of DREW-PROD, Karol Szypula decided to start his own business. At first the only product offered were wooden pegs. Through the years the company extended its stock by adding more products up to this date.

Initially, the owner did everything himself. Gradually the company employed new people. 2003 was decisive for the history of the enterprise. It was turned into civil partnership. At present the main staff are Karol Szypula and his son, Jacek. Apart from shares, the owner handed down his son not only experience, but also the ability to produce goods of the highest quality, which you can find in the company’s offer. Additionally, in 2003 the company was moved into a newbuilt workshop. Thanks to the reliability and commitment of the employees, the company offers products of very good quality. We sell our products not only in Poland, but also abroad. We have many customers in Greece, Slovakia and Germany. You are most welcome to take a look at our offer!